Professional work

Course paper is the most well-known independent material that is familiar to every student. During their studies, everyone has to write such paper several times. It is enough to consider a large amount of information to be gathered in order to get competent professional work, and then it becomes immediately clear that it will take […]


Article writing topics

Sometimes it is necessary to write a scientific article in order to publish it on the eve of the defense of the master’s thesis, and even for a master’s thesis – this is generally the first necessity. A scientific article for a master’s thesis, a scientific article for a master’s thesis, even a scientific article […]


Hello! I am Verena Sherman. I’m an experienced copy editor with a command of American English. I can create concisely worded articles for a variety of audiences. I will also have the ability to proofread and edit these documents before you hire me. I believe we can manage with your project or blog and make great unique content.

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