Scientific article

A scientific article is a brief statement by the author of their vision of a specific problem or methods for solving it in accordance with a previously created document or research. The text of a scientific article is created on the basis of article writing topics, basic information (theoretical aspects, a description of practice), and personal conclusions. Each applicant for a PhD or doctoral degree must publish at least five scientific articles of publications.

Types of scientific articles

Today, scientific articles are divided into several types. Each of them has its own peculiarities that need to be considered by the author. In the modern world of science the most common are:

  • overview. It is an assessment, synthesis or analysis of a previously published scientific work. Their main task is to provide the general public with an opportunity to appreciate the importance of the topic touched upon by the author;
  • primary. In the works of this type, the author presents the original information about the results of his research papers in a format that allows other specialists to reproduce the experiments, evaluate their judgments and analyze the conclusions.

Often, when writing, both types are combined, with the result that the scientific text contains both review elements and the original part.

Requirements of format of article writing

Writing scientific articles is a complex process, during which it is important for the author to adhere to strict rules. Many of the requirements relate to the structure of the author’s research. So, it must necessarily contain a part divided into an introduction, the main text and personal conclusions. Also in the scientific work of this format requires the presence of a thematic title, brief annotation, information about the author, as well as a list of used when writing bibliographic sources.

The main criteria for a scientific article

In addition to the correct design, writing scientific articles also requires the author to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the relevance of the topic touched upon;
  • the presence of a clearly defined basic idea;
  • originality of information (novelty of facts or experiments);
  • maximum brevity;
  • orientation to the target audience;
  • logical presentation of thoughts.

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